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$26 million per film would make you the world's highest-paid actress, and that is what American thespian Emma Stone earned for her role in 2017's La La Land. Not bad, considering she was born just 29 years ago (6 November, 1988). The alabaster-skinned blonde is frequently thought to be a redhead because she dyed her hair for her first feature film, Superbad (2007). Although she only had a minor role, the movie was a massive success and helped push Emma into the limelight, garnering her an 'Exciting New Face' Young Hollywood Award. However, it was 2009's Zombieland that truly rocketed her to stardom. Further success followed with The Help (2011) and multiple Academy Award winner, Birdman (2014). Few people know that her name is actually 'Emily Stone'. Someone of that name was already registered with the Screen Actors Guild and she went by ‘Riley’ before settling on ‘Emma’. Fake-Emma’s husky voice is instantly recognizable, and she uses it to great effect to portray approachability in her roles. Originally from Arizona, she is less publicity-hungry than the average Hollywood actress and is rarely photographed partying. She previously dated her The Amazing Spiderman (2015) co-star, Andrew Garfield. Upcoming film The Favourite, an 18th century biographical history, is Emma's next big vehicle and is expected to be released in 2018. You can find high quality Emma Stone wallpapers in my blog.

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